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2006/04/11 03:19
Here is some interesting sayings  Это сообщение из Архива

Read them. I hope you'll like it!

1 It's not who you are that makes me love you, rather it's who I am when I'm
with you that does.
2 No one deserves your tears, and those who do would never make you cry.
3 Just because someone doesn't love you the way you wish they did doesn't mean
that they don't love you wholeheartedly.
4 A real friend is someone who feels your heart while holding just your hand.
5 The worst way of missing someone is to be with him and still realize he'll
never be yours.
6 Don't ever stop smiling, even when you're sad and blue, for someone may love
your smile.
7 You may be just a person in this world; but for someone you ARE the world.
8 Don't waste your time on someone who is not going to spend it with you.
9 Perhaps God wants you to go on meeting the wrong people before one day you
meet the ONE AND ONLY person, so that when you do, you'll be more grateful.
10 Don't cry, for it's over. Smile, for it happened.
11 There will always be people out to cause you pain. You've got to carry on
believing people, just be more careful.
12 Become a better person and understand who you are before you you meet someone
new and expect him to understand you.
13 Don't put so much effort into it - the best things always happen


~Bende Kafama göre yazdım...~ :buba:

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